Free Mulch Perth

‘FREE’ specialised mulch delivered to you

 To request free mulch, please read our terms below, and then complete the form below the terms. 

This is a FREE service and there are no guarantees as to when the mulch will be delivered.

Free Mulch Perth Terms & Conditions

  • The mulch is delivered on a ‘when we are working in your area’ basis.
  • Your details will be put on a waiting list as per suburb and the oldest request will be delivered first and so on.
  • It is a FULL TRUCK LOAD of mulch that may be as large as 20 cubic metres.
  • We wish you to be aware this is a LARGE delivery and we will NOT be responsible for the removal of any unwanted or unused mulch.
  • If the mulch is delivered and you have not contacted us to cancel the delivery, it is to be moved at your expense.
  • The mulch is made up from tree prunings in your local area. Not all loads of  free mulch will be the same. It will depend upon variants such as the source of the matter, hardwood, softwood or a combination of both and the sharpness of the cutting blades.
  • You acknowledge that you can not pick and choose the type of free mulch being delivered.
  • The mulch will be delivered to your verge or driveway, providing the truck has access. If there is no clear access the truck cannot deliver the mulch.
  • The onus is upon the customer to contact specialised tree lopping if you no longer require the mulch delivery.
  • Specialised Tree Lopping will accept your request for a delivery of free mulch as an acceptance of our terms and conditions set out above.

By proceeding with this request for a free delivery of mulch, it is assumed that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions shown above.

To request free mulch to be delivered to you, please use this form.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.